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The Decolonial Moment: Museums, Materiality, Film

Gastvortrag von Arnd Schneider am 23.10.19

This presentation discusses how the current decolonial moment (epitomized by the debate on the restitution of museum objects) has a longer trajectory and can be made productive to inform critical film and exhibition projects. The examples employed to develop the argument are the Alain Resnais and Chris Marker’s film, ‘Les statues meurent aussi’ (France, 1953), Duncan Campbell’s response to the Resnais/Marker film, ‘It for Others’ (Britain, 2013), and a recent exhibition project by Leone Contini and Arnd Schneider, ‘Bel Suol d’Amore – The Scattered Colonial Body’ (National Ethnographic Museum L. Pigorini /Museum of Civilizations, Rome, 2017).


Der Vortrag findet am 23. Oktober um 18 Uhr in Raum B108 statt.

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