Sustainability, Climate Change, and Environmental Awareness Among German Settlers in South West Africa, 1884-1990” (vorläufiger Arbeitstitel, Betreuung durch Prof. Dr. Brigitte Reinwald)

In this dissertation, I examine the relationship and interaction of German Settlers and the environment in South West Africa. Climate improvement was a persisting question in the German colonial era, but different colonial actors used their own approaches to promote various measures and programmes. In my project, I want to evaluate these approaches to climatic processes and conservation under colonial rule and place them into their scientific, political and argumentative context, using a lens of Germans in South West Africa. I will analyse how nature and climate were created as narrative and political devices within the complex colonial power structure that affected the majority of the 20th century in Namibia, showcase how they developed over time, how they were translated into action, if they prompted any behaviour that resembles contemporary or historical concepts of sustainability, and how they affected (and were affected by) the relationship between the multinational interest groups involved in this process.