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General School Internship (ASP) and Non-School Internship

Here you can find all information regarding the mandatory internships during the two subject bachelor course of study.

  • Informationen about the Focus during the Interdisciplinary Bachelor Degree

    During the interdisciplinary bachelor degree a practice-oriented work placement and  - depending on the prioritisation – a school internship are scheduled in the area of professionalisation.

    1. Students with a non-school focus
    Internship over the course of 8 weeks relevant to the professional field (two 4 week internships or one 8 week internship are possible).

    2. Students with a school focus
    Internship over the course of 4 weeks relevant to the professional field
    General school internship (ASP) over the course of 4 weeks. The successful completion is prerequisite to the admission to the master of education programme.     

  • General School Internship (ASP)

    The general school internship is organised and attended to by the institute for educational science with the support of the Leibniz School of Education.
    Further information about the general school internship and about the internship reulations can be found here.


    Point of contact for the general school internship
    At the institute for educational science:
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Wernet
    Room 328
    Schloßwender Straße 1
    PO Box 4
    30159 Hannover
    Phone +49 511.762 – 17353
    Fax +49 511.762 – 5610

  • Practice-oriented Internship (Non-School Internship)

    The internship commissioners advise students in the respective subject about possibilities and the also carry out the recognition process. According to §2 of the internship regulations the internship has to be completed in a professional field relevant to one of the chosen subjects outside of university and outside of school.

    A certification from the respective institution as well as an internship report (8 pages minimum) is required for the recognition process.

    Internship commissioner at the History Department:
    Prof. Dr. Michael Rothmann

    Questions, queries and problems can be discussed with the internship counsellor:
    Heike Brose
    Office hours Wed 11 to 12 am (room B 211)

    The internship report is to be handed in at this point of contact as well.
    At the library a folder with various internship reports at different institutions was made available.