Conference participation and talks


When Neighbors Become Friends: Ellen Irene Diggs at the University of Havana and Pan-American Diplomacy

Caribbean Mundis conference on Power, History, (Post)-Slavery, Environment and Global Sustainable Futures (Martinique)


(Re)collecting Africa in Republican Cuba

Society of Caribbean Research Konferenz (Bonn, Germany)

La nación sin raza: Postkoloniale Nationenbildung in Lateinamerika

Landesthementag Geschichte: Neue Horizonte öffnen – Außereuropäische Geschichte unterrichten (Neumünster, Germany)


Memories Deemed African – Anthropological and Literary Subjectivities in the Caribbean

Shifting the Geography of Reason XX: Philosophy, Literature, and Liberation – Konferenz der Caribbean Philosophical Association (Lansing, Michigan, USA)

Ellen Irene Diggs – Perspectives on La Africanía Cubana

El arte verbal de las comunidades afrodescendientes en América Latina – Konferenz des Netzwerkes ConnecCaribbean – Connected Worlds: The Caribbean, Origin of the Modern World (Mailand, Italy)

Contested Heritage – Narratives of Belonging in Republican Cuba

Inclusive Citizenship as Belongings, Practices and Acts – Konferenz des Leibniz Research Center for Inclusive Citizenship (CINC) und des European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) (Hannover, Germany)


Criminals and Culture in Republican Cuba ( 1902-1959) – Practices and Ethics of Archival Research

Society of Caribbean Research Junior Konferenz (Tübingen, Germany)

Scientific Racism and the Emergence of Anthropology in Republican Cuba (1902-1959)

Lateinamerikanisches Kolloquium (Hamburg, Germany)