The number of participants in the basic seminars (not lectures) is limited to 30 students each. This regulation ensures that students and lecturers can interact in a good and productive working atmosphere. Seminars are not based on teacher-centered methods but subsist on intellectual discussions.

Each student may only sign up for a maximum of two basic seminars via Stud.IP. The spaces are assigned in a lottery. The registration period starts with the activation of the course catalogue on the 2 March 2021 and ends on the 4 April 2021 at 10.00 am. The lottery will be carried out automatically on the 4 April 2021. The results will be send out later that day via e-mail.

After the 4 April 2021 students will be able to sign up for free spaces independently until the 18 April 2021. The limitation to a maximum of two basic seminars still applies.

The teaching offer is designed for every student to get a space in the seminars. If problems arise – for example because of scheduling issues, the need to swap into another seminar or because needed seminars are already filled – students have the chance to contact Marcel Haug ( until the 18 April 2021.


Study achievements: Starting with the first seminar session you will be assigned ungraded tasks which require you to be present in each session. These tasks will be part of a portfolio (= study achievement). The extent and the contents of this portfolio is incumbent upon the lecturers requirements. A later compensation for missed tasks can – due to additional expenditure for the lecturer - only be tolerated in exceptional and duly substantiated cases. The lecturer him- or herself decides on these exceptions.

Workload during the introductory phase: Each semester (1st to 4th semester) you should sign up for a maximum of two basic seminars. We ask you to sign up for the seminars during the allotted time period and to consider the registration binding. Please mind that lecturers structure their courses according to registration numbers.