The Academic Council of the Master's degree program Atlantic Studies/History, Culture and Society

We are the Atlantic Studies/ History, Culture and Society Council!

Since the summer semester 2018 we represent the students of the Master's program Atlantic Studies/ History, Culture and Society at LUH in all matters. We represent the students in different committees, e.g. in the general meeting of the Centre for Atlantic and Global Studies (CEAGS), but we also support you with individual questions and problems concerning your studies. We are also happy to act as mediators if you have conflicts with fellow students or teachers. Please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to support you. 
In addition to our official functions, we would also like to contribute to improving your study time in Hannover. Therefore we organize different events like the O-week and regular get-togethers throughout the semester. We would like to offer you an opportunity to exchange ideas with your fellow students away from the lectures. We also invite lecturers to our summer and winter parties to have a chat in a relaxed atmosphere outside the university. 

We are an open council, which means that all students of the Master Atlantic Studies/ History, Culture and Society can attend meetings at any time, contribute and implement their own ideas, and participate with us in a fundamental way. We are always happy to see new faces and also rely on new students to join us. Our meetings usually take place on Mondays in the odd weeks at 6 pm at the Conti Campus. Since we don't always have something to talk about, it's best to check Instagram or email us beforehand to see if there's a meeting that week or not. 
If you feel like joining us, or have ideas on how we can improve our study time together, feel free to contact us via email, or Instagram:


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Instagram: @fachrat.atlantic.studies