History Didactics

History Didactics

Research in the History Didactics field at the LUH Hannover focuses primarily on projects of empirical and theoretical history teaching. The focus is on efforts to gain a deeper understanding of history teaching, its conditions, processes and effects. Empirical projects in the field of phenomena research aim at a phenomenological description of history lessons (how can history lessons be described?). Projects in the field of results and impact research aim to determine and explain the effects of history teaching (what effects does history teaching have and how can they be explained?). Projects in the field of teaching quality research aim to identify characteristics of good, successful history teaching (What is good history teaching?). The empirical projects also take place on an interdisciplinary basis in cooperation with educational science, educational psychology and teaching methodology of other subject (mathematics didactics, sports didactics, natural science didactics or religious education). In addition to empirical research, the theoretical permeation of history lessons is another focus of history didactics at the LUH. In cooperation with colleagues from the University of Köln and the University of Osnabrück, a closed theory of history teaching was presented for the first time. In addition to empirical and theoretical history teaching research, the professorship’s interest is focused on researching historical-cultural phenomena and their reception.

Projects (Selection)

Geschichte und Gesellschaftslehre. Historisches Lehren und Lernen in Unterrichtsreihen: Ergebnis- und Wirkungsforschung (funded by the University of Osnabrück).

Interdisziplinäre Forschung zu Unterrichtsqualität: Chemiedidaktik (LUH Hannover), Sportdidaktik (Potsdam and Basel), pädagogisch-psychologische Lehr-Lernforschung (Universität Zurich).

MeDUQua – „Entwicklung eines schulfachübergreifenden Instruments zur videobasierten Klassifikation metakognitiv-diskursiver Unterrichtsqualität am Beispiel der Fächer Geschichte, Mathematik, Religion“ (DFG project)

Dissertation projects in the field of empirical history teaching research: Werturteilsbildung im Geschichtsunterricht, empirische Schulbuchforschung, Aufgaben- und Zentralabiturforschung.

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