Professional fields

The Atlantic Studies/ History, Culture and Society Master's degree programme trains regional and globalisation experts on the South Atlantic region of Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa as well as historians who are able to work in a project-oriented manner in research and communication. Graduates have a wide range of language skills and intercultural competences, unusual experience abroad and project management skills.

These include:

  • a broad knowledge of the social sciences and humanities
  • practical experience in carrying out your own research projects
  • Foreign language skills, experience abroad and intercultural skills, contacts and experience in local and regional institutions
  • professional expertise, e.g. in the fields of development aid, political education, diplomatic service, media, cultural management, museums, archives and libraries, university and non-university research
  • Regional expertise in Latin America and Africa in the Interdisciplinary Studies specialization, regional or epochal focus in the History specialization


This knowledge and competence can be applied to the following professional fields